This is episode #4 for us here at Harmonized Sounds! We’re proud of this video series and hope you’ve been enjoying it along with us. We are excited to introduce Keri Cardinale to you. She visited Old Bear Studios this past year to write/record her newest project. We joined her in capturing one of the songs on her newest project called “Swing Wide”! She is currently raising the money to finish everything up for a release in July. If you would like to help her out that would be amazing. Click here to help support her efforts.

Keri appears curtesy of Sprig Worship Label

This song was inspired by a single moment in life when Keri experienced the presence of the Lord. It was a vulnerable and weak moment when she felt she couldn’t handle her life as it was. She knew she needed help… and she acknowledged that the help could only come from Jesus. Keri clung to an old truth that was once sewed into her heart. The truth that Jesus Christ changes everything. When she finally opened her heart to Him, the words flowed from her mouth, “Lord, I can’t do this without you.” Instantly, Keri sensed this veil lifted from her eyes and she could see Him clearly. She knew, in that moment, that her life would never be the same.

Harmonized Sounds was so excited to be able to help Ashley and Eric of “The Promise Is Hope” capture a beautiful song called “Mary-Ann”. Using vivid imagery without resolving to despair or cliche, the song acts as a time-capsule of the events and emotions surrounding the death of Eric’s grandmother.

Produced by Chris Hoisington and Eric L’Esperance. Recorded at Old Bear Studio in Batavia, N.Y.

You can buy the song “Mary-Ann” here.

If you’d like more information on what The Promise Is Hope is doing check them out here.


“Murderer a messenger” is a song that was co-written by Ian Zumback and Jessica Crawford that we are very excited to share.  We here at Harmonized Sounds had a blast capturing the making of this beautiful song.
Having a background in leading worship at Celebrate Recovery meetings – Ian found that at times, the people who were in the healing process would struggle with the idea that they could be of use to God due to their past.  Worthiness, forgiveness, and acceptance were all areas of struggle for those that would attend the meetings.
Ian and Jessica wanted to get right to the heart of the matter with those that were struggling feeling worthy of God’s love.  They dug deep and hunted down the lyrics that they felt would best set the tone and be a point of access for the listener that would lead them to be filled with hope.
It was shot at Old Bear Studio in Batavia, NY in September 2017.  We hope that you enjoy watching it.  Ian Zumback appears courtesy of Sprig Records.  Check out all that Ian is doing through his website.
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Harmonized Sounds Team